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Athens Walking Tour

Athens Walking Tour

About the Tour

At 10 am you will meet your guide at the entrance of the Metro Station Acropolis. From here we will not take the typical tourist route to the Acropolis. Instead our walk will give you a calmer and more panoramic view of the rock as we walk up the three hills of Areopagus, Pnyx and Filopappou that have their own significance and function in the life of the ancient city.

Below the entrance of the Acropolis we walk towards the hill of the Areopagus. This is also known and the "Hill of Mars" that was the site of the Council of Nobles and the Judicial Court under the aristocratic rule of ancient Athens. Persians also used the hill as a campsite during their siege of the Acropolis in 480 BC, and in the Roman era it was used by Saint Paul for his preaching.

We follow the road or path over the flank of the Acropolis were we come out onto Leoforos Dhionissiou Areopagitou by the Herodes Atticus theatre. Turning right 100m of so down (and across) the avenue, a network of paths leads up Filopappou Hill, also know as the Hill of the Muses. This hill has played an important role in the city’s history it was from here that the shell that destroyed the roof of the Parthenon was fired. From its summit we will also see the monument to a Roman senator and consul, Filopappus, who is shown driving his chariot. This hill also offers an ideal opportunity to view the Dora Stratou Theatre were Greek music and dance performances are held.

From this point we continue to walk north- west along the main path where we reach the church of Ayios Dhimitrios, a precious church that has kept its original Byzantine frescoes.

Proceeding further north above the church we reach the Hill of Pnyx an area used in Classical Athens as the meeting place for the democratic assembly, which gathered more that forty times a year. Walking on from the Pnyx we reach another hill, Lofos Nymfon (Hill of the Nymphs) that is dominated by a nineteenth- century observatory and gardens. Towards the end of our loop walk we will head towards Thisseo (today’s most fashionable café and restaurant areas of Athens). Before finishing our walk we the Roman Agora that features the landmark tower known as the Tower of the Winds, which is an ancient hydraulic clock. The tour ends near the imposing Metropolis Cathedral. Here your guide greets you farewell however this is an ideal area where you can browse the narrow streets surrounding Avyssinias Square that is filled with shops selling a variety of second-hand articles and antiques ranging from books and clothes to furniture and music instruments.

Mode of transportation
On foot

Approximate duration
Three to Four hours

Times of operation
10.00 to 13.30

Please note that this itinerary is subject to change at the discretion of the tour leader, according to local and weather conditions.

During the Olympic Games (August and September) changes may need to be made to programmes (operation and prices) in order to work around the influx of increased tourist traffic. Therefore, we will need to look at each request individually during the Olympic Games. We appreciate your co-operation on this matter.

This programme is designed for those who enjoy walking. It requires a standard level of fitness.

Good Walking Shoes, An anorak, Sun Hat, Sun Cream during the summer Months.

Pricing and Departure Details

All Year: Sundays and Wednesdays
Rates 2010-2011
Date Rate per person
November to May €40.00
June to October €65.00